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Accessible ID (or not)

We were recently contacted by a lady who lived within a very short, accessible distance of our former studio, who was enquiring if we provided passport photos.

Although this was a service we had offered, we could never complete with the photo booths in the local supermarket on price alone, and tended to cover the jobs that were slightly out of the ordinary (did you know that American passport photos are a different size to European ones?).

It transpired that her husband had suffered what can only be described as a catastrophic accident and was left paraplegic as a result. He had recently been discharged from hospital and found getting around very difficult, as services were gradually put in place for him.

His passport was due to expire and he was keen to renew it, so that he could fulfil his ambition of eventually returning the USA to see friends and family. As our studio was very local to him, he would have been able to get somebody to push him across in his wheelchair, to see us and get the job done.

ID Photo Image

Now we all know that passport photos are difficult to get right, from finding a photo booth to posing correctly. Once you find that booth, you have to swivel the seat to the correct height, adjust the background curtain, place money in the slot and then pose. This is hard enough for an able-bodied person, now consider being completely wheelchair bound, and the problems become insurmountable.

Being a carer for a registered disabled person, I was able to empathise with the couple’s situation and so devised a solution!

The answer was to go to the couple’s house and take along a mobile studio setup and take the photographs at their convenience. The fully compliant photographs were printed, and then delivered the very next day, with a guarantee that if the passport office rejected them for any reason, then we’d reshoot them if needed.

This service isn’t just for passports either. There is so much documentation and identity cards, which require photos. Your blue badge, disabled travel pass, disabled persons railcard, or CEA card to mention a few. These can also require a digital version of the photo, which we can supply as a download from our website.

In the interests of equality, this service is also available to others. Those who find it difficult get the timing of the flash right or anyone who just finds the machines just plain frustrating.

So if you, or anybody else finds that getting passport photographs is a hassle you’d rather not have to deal with why not get in touch?

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