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It’s all in the detail

As a property photographer, one of my biggest challenges is convincing potential clients why they should use a professional photographer rather than taking the photographs themselves.

In this modern, digital world, everybody has access to a digital camera, even if it is his or her smartphone. Why do people need to pay a professional, when they have the equipment they need themselves? Fair enough, some agents do have an interest in photography, and do produce good marketing shots, but sadly, that is not always the case.

I was speaking to one estate agent, who was quite bullish, in that they did not need to use a professional photographer, as they had been on a training course, with the top property photographer in the country.

Subsequently, they had bought a digital SLR camera and a wide-angle lens, so they could do it all themselves.
This made me a little curious, and so I had a look at their marketing photographs, to see if this claim were true. Looking on their website, I found six properties that were on sale for more than £300K. At that sort of asking price, then vendors will be paying a substantial commission, and certainly have every right to expect the very best marketing for their home.

There were 94 photos representing the six properties, so an average of 15 or so per property. Some might argue that this is not enough, but if they are right, then there is no reason to bore potential clients with an endless stream of repetitive images.
Here is the problem though. Of the 94 photo’s, I counted 96 examples, of what I would call, errors. Granted, some of the photos did not have any errors; however so many had multiple problems. I classified the mistakes into four categories, which were 1) Poor exposure 2) Poor composition 3) Poor alignment and 4) Poor preparation/staging.

How to fix these errors!

All these problems are easily fixed, with a combination of good equipment and a knowledge of how to use it, plus time spent before taking the photo to prepare (or stage) the shot and finally by use of professional photo editing software to fix the issues that could not be done right in the first place.

Have a look at the photograph here as a simple example which has a few errors.

Property Before

  • The window is badly exposed, and the highlights are “blown” out
  • The camera is aligned poorly and the vertical lines in the room are not vertical
  • There is an inbalance between the floor and ceiling
  • if you look closely, you can see my feet in the mirror on the right hand side
  • Now contrast this, with this second photograph of the same room, taken with a little more care and thought and some suitable post processing and you see that this is much better and that the errors have been eliminated.


    As an agent, you should be offering your clients the best they can expect. As a vendor you should be getting the best an agent can offer, why settle for less?
    After all, your house is probably the most valuable thing you own and once you have taken the decision to sell it, make sure it is correctly.

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