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When one is not enough

I was recently talking to a retired estate agent, picking his brains on the local estate agency scene and conversation turned to the difference between property photography in his heyday and now.

Back then, he took a single photograph of the front of a house. That is it, all there was. That photo went in his shop window and in the weekly press’ property supplement. Once an enquiry came in, it was his job as a sales negotiator to then encourage the potential buyer to take things forwards, onto a viewing and ultimately a sale.

Old House Photo

Gone are those days. In this current internet enabled world, where sharing information can be done in an instant, and from phones, tablets and PC’s, a single photo is no longer enough. Buyers have become much more perceptive preferring to do their initial research online. People also do not feel they have the time for endless Sunday viewings and want to conduct most of that viewing online. They will then select a short list of properties that might be of interest. The agent cannot make a sale without a physical viewing, so being on that selected list is vital.

Potential buyers have become used to seeing numerous photographs so that anything less than ten, or so images can be viewed sceptically. If a property has three bedrooms and there are only pictures of two, then what are the vendors trying to hide? Recently, property price increases have created a wary buyer. They want to spend their money wisely. I have even seen properties without pictures of the kitchen or bathroom, the rooms’ buyers want to view, as possible money pits.

This is where good photographs can capture their interest and make sure that a property stands a chance of making the cut. After all, this is pure & simple advertising, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Whilst there are other tricks to enhance a listing’s appeal, none will have any effect if the photos are poor. Video and 360° VR photos are the new kids on the block and appearing on high-end property websites, even modest properties will have a pdf format brochure and floorplan, with even more photos, which potential buyers will print off.

My job, as a photographer, is to bring the house alive, tell the story of the lifestyle the buyer may aspire to and help the house sell itself online. I have access to video, 360° VR and even aerial for that ultimate impact.

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