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VT Example Page 3

Examples of Virtual Tours #3

Take a look below at examples of Virtual Tours by Andrew Lyons Photography.
Below each tour you will find a brief explanation of the particular features incorporated in the tour
Each feature is available/interchangeable in any tour and these are just examples to demonstrate the available features for your own tour

Meeting Room Virtual Tour with Embedded Video

Features Include

This excerpt from a larger tour contains an embedded video that plays within the tour.
Click in the video to pause/play.
The video has directional sound where the volume decreases as the tour rotates from the video
As the video is contained within the tour it responds to panning & zooming action
Andrew Lyons Photography can create any videos for inclusion in your tours.

Meeting Room Tour With Web Video

Features Include
This tour features a click-able hotspot that links to a web video.
The video can be hosted on any popular platform such as You Tube, Vimeo etc, or on our own servers.

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