What is Elevated Photography?

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Elevated Photography, or Ground Based Aerial Photography, as it is sometimes called, is simply the task of deploying a camera in the air, while the operator remains on the ground.  

There are a number of ways of achieving this and at Andrew Lyons Photography (where we have over ten years experience of this type of work), we use a small unmanned aerial system (often called a drone) or our custom equipped mobile studio, which is fitted with a 26 metre high pneumatic mast system in order to get our camera off the ground. 

We hold a "Permit for Commercial Operations" issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, which allows us to legally undertake drone flights for commercial use, when combined with the appropriate insurance policy (which of course we hold).

Out mast system is used in those cases where it would not be possible to use a drone for any number of reasons.

On occasions where either our drone, or mast, and not suitable, we can charter aircraft to get the shot.

For dramatically different perspective to your photos, get in touch with us to find out more.

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