Selling your house…..?

Professional property photography from Andrew Lyons Photography will help you with striking images to get your property noticed and get potential buyers through your door.

  • Most people search for a new home through one of the growing number of online property portals, which bring together the majority of properties being marketed by local estate agents and emerging online alternatives.

  • Never has the need for stunning property photography been more apparent, to grab a potential buyer’s interest in your property and make them want to find out more.

  • If you are using an agent, ask if they can provide a professional photography service, either as part of their package, or as an additional extra. If not, then get in touch with Andrew Lyons Photography.

  • If you are selling your home independently, then we can help you too. Not only do we work with local and national estate agents but we also work with private homeowners to help them too.

  • Why use a professional photographer? With all due respect, estate agents aren’t photographers. Whilst some do produce good results, the same cannot be said for the majority, who haven’t invested in the required equipment and training required to produce professional results. Similarly, as a professional photography company, we wouldn’t dream of doing their job.

  • We have an eye for details and can ensure that your property is best prepared for photography and can help you strike the right balance between a homely, comfortable look, and one that’s cluttered and untidy.

  • Great photographs make great talking points and attract interest. Imagine that you’ve seen a fantastic property when online browsing. Doesn’t it want to make you want to say “Hey, come and have a look at this!” Poor photography, however, just doesn’t even grab any attention and you just skip to the next property without even taking notice.

  • Great photography can also help attain your asking price. Potential buyers may be more likely to balk at your price if their first impression isn’t a good one!

  • As the old saying goes, “It’s a buyers’ market” and you have to do everything you can to stand out above all other properties for sale. Professional property photography is a great way to get a head start on everybody else.

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